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Clark Road Project
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Forest Green Project
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Forest Green Project ~ INFO   

Forest Green Estates-Project Details

Existing Land Area

  1. Property Size: 81.1 acres
  2. Number of Trees on site: 1920
  3. Creeks: One watercourse, La Colina Creek, bisects the site; several channels are tributary. The developer maintains that the main watercourse will remain in its current state. The future status of the tributaries is much more problematic.
  4. Wildlife: Scrub jay, steller's jay, turkey vulture, wild turkey, red-tailed hawk, black-capped chickadee, bushtit, button's vireo, tufted titmouse, hummingbird, and woodpecker.
  5. Steepness: The site topography rises in a southerly direction, away from the existing residential neighborhood at approximately 180 feet above sea level toward the Regional Park at 430 feet. The landform is variable, mostly gently sloping (flatter than 4:1) in the central part of the site. Localized areas adjacent to the gullies and shallow canyons are steeper than 15:1.
  6. Existing General Plan designation: Very Low Density Residential (0-5 DU/acre), and Preservation Resource Area (above 400' elevation).
  7. Existing zoning designation: SFR-2, Single Family Very Low Residential District (minimum lot size 6,000 sq. ft.), CRR, Community and Regional Recreation District (above 400' elevation)
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